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Over the course of the life span stress, illness, trauma, aging, disability, depression, medicine, social stigma and a negative self concept can often impact a person’s sexual response. Sex therapy helps to unravel and overcome these challenges. I am here to help you achieve that desired level of sexual function and pleasure in your life.
As a research informed clinical expert in couples and family relationships. I hold a master of science degree in marital and family therapy from Northwestern University, Center for Applied Psychological and Family Studies at The Family Institute, with extensive clinical training at The Family Institute's Betty T. Harries Family Child Clinic in Evanston and Chicago. And I furthered my clinical training and skills in sex therapy at the University of Michigan Sexual Health Program. I am a certified sex therapist.
I earned my substance abuse and co-occuring disorders academic training at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Lastly, I am honored to have received the 2008 Minority Fellowship Award from the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) for demonstrating promise in and commitment to a career in marriage and family therapy education, research or practice.


For over half a decade, I have strengthened children and adults, couples and families to master their adaptational challenges, rebound more resourceful and hopeful in maintaining balance, harmony and leadership in their lives. My overarching premise of psychotherapy is grounded in a resilience framework. I am knowledgeable about addressing and treating atypical sexual behaviors and sex practices, sexual compulsion and criminal sexual behavior. I collaborate with interdisciplinary teams of consultants - endocrinologists, gynecologists and urologists - to heighten treatment outcomes.
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